"We caught a vandal on the first day that we installed a sensor. We are finally making progress."

Robert Songey, Delta Region Manager (Ret.) at CalTrans​

Stop the Tagger.

How much money does your community spend cleaning up graffiti, or painting it over, year after year?

The U.S. spends over $25 Billion annually just on graffiti abatement.

Yet graffiti vandalism is on the rise.

We believe that there are better uses for city funds.

Stop the Tagging.

The City of Watsonville, like so many cities throughout the country, had a serious graffiti problem.

With the GT-1 detection sensor, the police were given alerts as the graffiti vandalism was occurring.

By apprehending the vandals, the city sent the message to taggers that graffiti was not welcome in their community.

Act Now.

The graffiti stops here.

GraffitiTech’s proven technology is empowering cities and law enforcement around the world to tackle graffiti vandalism in a whole new way.

Contact us today to take back your neighborhood and put a stop to taggers.

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